Thursday, November 10, 2005

Neighborhood Home & Property Services is launched due to Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Louisiana

I started Neighborhood Home Services, now called Neighborhood Home & Property Services under the original URL back in 2003 but I put the business on the back burner since I was still so busy with my Legal and Medical business.

After I rode out Hurricane Katrina, I was standing on my second floor balcony in Metairie (Jefferson Parish, Louisiana), overlooking the 15" flood waters still standing in the courtyard and 24" in the parking lot. I knew that my previous business in the New Orleans area was DONE! The Legal and Medical industries in the New Orleans area were going to be severely affected by the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. The Levee's had just breached and flooded most of the City of New Orleans with up to 10 feet of flood waters.

I looked down at the water and knew that there would be phenomenal opportunity in the home repair business so I started planning on how Neighborhood Home & Property Services would be able to take advantage of this disaster. When life deals you lemons, make lemonade!!!!

I started working for the Condominium Complex doing the cleanup that was needed and started lining up jobs to start gutting the flooded first floor Condo's. It has been 10 weeks since Hurricane Katrina caused so much devastation in the area and I am still gutting Condo's in my "Neighborhood" and I also have several other Condo's, Homes and even a Tomb to go and gut and repair in the coming weeks and months. I have also hired two full time sub-contractors to start repairing some of the now-gutted Condo's.

The papers report that there are over 400,000 homes and businesses that suffered moderate to severe flood or storm damage so I suspect that I will be busy for many months and years to come.... just gutting and rebuilding homes and businesses.

The New Orleans area is still suffering a severe shortage of "employees" so I am constantly looking for help. I have even called in some favors with some old friends from Honduras to see if any of their relatives want to come "visit" New Orleans and live and work with me. The last time I was down there on a scuba vacation, there were many young men and women wanting to come to America for all of the opportunities that exist here. I sure hope that things are doing GREAT economically down in Honduras but I also hope there are a couple of skilled men and/or women that want to come work in the construction industry in the New Orleans area. I am also going to put out some feelers with some friends that I have down in Mexico. There is still a severe shortage of living space in the area and I only have a one bedroom condo so I will only be able to have one or two people living with me. It could be a win-win situation for the people who take advantage of this opportunity to fly to New Orleans, live rent free and make some good money in the coming months. I need the help and they'll make lots of money and live for free.

If any of my fellow neighbors and hurricane victims need help with gutting their homes or businesses or with the follow-up repairs, please feel free to call or email me.

Well, signing off of the Blog for now.

Lenny Vasbinder
Neighborhood Home & Property Services
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