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President Bush's GREAT State Of The Union Address

Here is a recent message and my ranting reply to the message posted to one of the many Yahoo! Groups which I belong to. This was in reference to the "State Of The Union" speech on January 31, 2006. The entire speech can be found at this White House web page.

Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 05:13:18 -0000
From: "Bernie S" <bernieszya@>
Subject: OT: What did you people in the "Great" USA think of President Bush's Speech??
I'd be really interested to hear what people living in USA think of President Bush's speech??

Hi Bernie,

I don't know if this is a good forum for discussing politics, but Chrissy didn't say anything about politics in her recent rules reminder. :-P

I'm a BIG supporter of President Bush so I thought it was GREAT. I like his aggressive stance on terrorism and I don't mind spending money for a strong military (that's provided for in our Constitution) but I don't like the fact that he is just like the liberals with his over-spending on our liberal social programs (NOT in our Constitution). I was hoping he would curtail some of the social programs. Instead, the next several generations are now faced with paying for my and the previous generations added health care programs. I know it's harsh but we can't expect our grandkids to pay for our Medicare and Pharmacy bills while we buy new cars and big screen TV's and do not save enough to take care of our selves as we get older. It's WRONG to pass on our retirement and health care bills to our kids and grand kids as a whole.... just because we want to take a nicer vacation and enjoy all of the luxuries in life as we're living it up in the fast lane!!!!!

The Social Security program was never properly funded from the beginning and grandfathered in millions of people that never contributed one penny to the program or very little before they started drawing out much more than they ever paid in. Social Security and Medicare has always been supported by taxes paid by the next generation, regardless of the mindset of so many people in my generation and my parents generation. The sad fact is that any money we paid was used to pay the previous generation's bills... not saved up for us.

I am also a big supporter of MSA's (Medical Savings Accounts) rather than buying regular health insurance as it puts US in control of our health care expenses rather than relying on the "group mentality" to pay for the bills of some people who do not take care of themselves. I would rather have ALL of my money go towards my family's health care rather than paying for
someone else that smokes, drinks and over-eats themselves into critical healthcare issues. Just like any other insurance, health care should be based on the individual's risk assessment and people who live more risky lifestyles should be charged more than someone who lives a less risky lifestyle.. and believe me, I would fall into the more risky lifestyle so this is not a self-serving statement.. just the facts!!!! I don't have a problem with subsidizing some kind of critical health issues that are not brought on intentionally by the individual, such as birth defects, etc., but I don't like paying the HUGE costs associated with the vascular and pulmonary problems of smokers who intentionally inhale burning carcinogenic matter. I don't have a problem if they smoke... just don't expect me to pay for it!!! Just like I don't expect them to pay for any part of my health care expenses.

Oh well.. enough ranting on my part. Unfortunately, so many people in America are apathetic when it comes to voting and politics that the large groups like AARP, etc., will continue to lobby and push government subsidized health care down the rest of our throats and wallets in my
lifetime but maybe my rantings will change things for the future generations.

It's time for everyone to start taking personal responsibility for their lives for everything from health care to education to retirement and quit expecting the rest of society to take care of you and your family for you!!!!!

The original income tax proposed in 1913 was only 10% on people making over $500,000.00 back then, whereas combined taxes have now grown to where most people pay over 50% of their income in taxes to wasteful government programs... from health care to education to retirement... and now they think they are "entitled" to it since they paid in to it. It's time to stop the madness!!!! OK.. that really was my last rant... :-D

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