Monday, November 10, 2008

Lenny Vasbinder For President 2012 - My reply to's Thank You email

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Here's my reply to MY republican party and the McCain campaign. (Lenny Vasbinder For President 2012)
I'm SOOOOO disgusted by the so-called McCain insiders who are trashing Gov. Palin. If I knew who they were, I'd hang them up by their balls in a public square.. but we know they don't have any balls since they want to trash her anonymously.
I'll never give another penny to McCain but Gov. Palin will get my money if she runs in 2012. I only gave money to McCain's campaign after he picked
Gov. Palin and then to see his "upper level" members (as reported by Fox
News) trashing Gov. Palin... it just sickens me. A bunch of F-ing, useless
scumbag cowards!!!!
Now here's some "Straight Talk" for you... and if you find out who the
scumbags are, kindly... well, not so kindly, shove my email up their
pathetic asses.
Lenny Vasbinder
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From: Rick Davis, McCain Campaign Manager []
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 9:58 AM
Subject: Thank you
McCain Team,
You should all be incredibly proud.
I am sincerely grateful to all of our supporters, volunteers and staff for
the tireless effort you put into John McCain's and Sarah Palin's
Presidential Campaign. Despite the enormous headwinds we encountered, our organization and supporters remained resolute. We fought the good fight.
Our political organization, staffed by thousands of unpaid volunteers all
over the country made tens of millions of phone calls and door knocks in the final weeks of the campaign, setting all time voter contact records for our party. Our cooperation with the Republican National Committee and state parties was historic, combining to be the strongest organization our party has ever seen. Our fundraising support also set records with over a million donors contributing what they could to support John McCain.
Everyone that was involved in this organization should be very proud of your efforts. We came together as a family, with a single purpose; to put our county first and get John McCain elected President. To the millions of
people that came to our rallies, made phone calls, knocked on doors,
forwarded emails, contributed a few dollars, put a bumper sticker on your
car and became dedicated advocates for John McCain - Thank You. You have my deepest gratitude for your efforts and support.
Rick Davis
Campaign Manager
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