Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama's Bench (to the tune of The Brady Bunch)

Here's the story about Prez. Obama.
Who was busy making us a bunch of Socialists.
Deficits and debt in the tens of trillions,
America is getting really PISSED!

Prez. Obama and his radical friends,
Professors' Gates, Ayers and Reverend Wright,
They were four men, racists together,
And they all hated people who were WHITE!

Till one day when Gates broke into his house,
9-1-1 was called, it wasn't a prank,
The cop tried to make sure Gates was legit,
He refused to show ID, then became a racist crank.

Obama answered a question at a presser,
He admitted he did not know all the facts.
Then he called the white police "stupidly",
Now he tries to back out his stupid racist acts!

Prez. Obama proposes a Beer Summit,
To try and smooth out the racist mess he made.
Invites the racist Gates and the nice cop,
To the White House and of course, the people paid!

Two racists and the nice white cop meet,
To solve black racism with beers, it's a cinch,
That this group could somehow get anything done,
At the White House sitting at Obama's Bench
Obama's Bench, Obama's Bench,

That's the way they solved racism at Obama's Bench.


  1. I think you are very harsh. President Obama is doing a good job in my opinion. Don't you want social Health Care like we have here in Canada? So many people in the United States don't have health insurance. What do you think about that?

  2. NO... Americans DO NOT want to become a socialized country and pay even higher taxes like Canadians do... for lower quality health care.

    I think if people do not have health insurance, they need to look at themselves in a mirror and ask themselves... "Why not?". It almost always has something to do with the personal choices that we make in life.

    Over 85% are insured because they made good choices in life. Many younger or healthy people choose to NOT pay for health insurance since they never use it and figure they'll get it later in life when they are making more money or get it for free from their employer, etc. I agree with their right to make this choice.

    The only thing Obama is doing good right now is LYING to America about this health care plan.. oh yeah.. and deficit spending us bankruptcy. When times get tough, folks are supposed to tighten their belts and cut back on spending.. he's pissing away money faster than the Fed can print it... on more wasteful government programs that will only make things worse.


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