Tuesday, June 08, 2010

GOD Help America... Check Out This Graph Of The Deficit

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Yes folks, that graph shows the OUT OF CONTROL spending by the Obama administration... many times worse than what was done by George W. Bush, which was bad enough. In just one year, Obama did more DEFICIT SPENDING than George W. Bush did in his lat four years in office... including the first Wall Street Bailout right near the end of his last year in office. Here are the actual deficits for 2005 thru 2008 (W's last four years) which total $1.1 Trillion over four years... and then Obama's 2009 ONE YEAR deficit of $1.4 Trillion and the 2010 Deficit is projected to possibly be even more than 2009's deficit.

Date Value
2005 -318346
2006 -248181
2007 -160701
2008 -458555
2009 -1412686

This graph and information is right from the White House Office Of Management And Budget (or the OMB). Here's the same graph on the St. Louis Federal Reserve's page.

Lenny Vasbinder

Here's another view of the graph...

And check out what the NATIONAL DEBT has done since 1939 and then in the last four years of GWB and now in just one year of Obama. This is what happens when THE PEOPLE sit on their hands and let crooked politicians do whatever they want with OUR MONEY. Even the below images are out of date now. As of today, the actual National Debt is OVER THIRTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS with OVER ONE TRILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR deficits planned for the rest of Obama's term so the NATIONAL DEBT WILL BE NEAR TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS AFTER OBAMA!!!!

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