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The Graph Says It All... BP Oil Spill Compared To Other Oil Spills

The graph says it all!!!  (Click on image to see larger view)

But... to clarify things some, based on new information that has come out since I first posted this graph, the graph for the BP spill was based on 15,000 barrels (630,000 gallons since there are 42 gallons per barrel) per day and we now know that the flow rate is around 40,000 to 60,000 barrels (1.68 million to 2.52 million gallons) per day, after 60 days, the BP spill has put out 2.4 million barrels to 3.6 million barrels (in total for 60 days)(or as much as 150 million gallons to date based on 60,000 barrels a day), so IF the spill rate is as high as 60,000 barrels per day, then the BP spill would have caught up with the Ixtoc spill... BUT the HUGE difference is that we have skimmers collecting 1,000,000 gallons a day which would have reduced the total spill whereas they didn't have that kind of skimming capability back in 1979.

Of course, if Obama would have let foreign skimmers come into the Gulf starting on the 3rd day, when they offered... and if Obama would have mobilized the 2,000+ skimmers that we have around America, instead of the 40-60 skimmers that were already stationed in the Gulf, we could have been capturing ALL or a HUGE percentage of the oil way out in the Gulf, long before it ever made landfall. See...

You've seen the recent video footage of the crude oil hitting 120+ miles of Louisiana's marshes and coastline but that heavy crude has not washed up at many other places yet. Now compare that to this video footage of the 1979 Ixtoc spill and the heavy crude that washed up on thousands of miles of Mexico and hundreds of miles of Texas coastline. One eye-witness described as looking like they had a 10' wide asphalt roadway running along the coastline, where the beaches of Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf coast are barely getting occasional tar balls. Further, the Ixtoc spill leaked for NINE MONTHS unabated whereas BP has put the cap on the pipe of this well and the cap and it's pipeline is collecting a majority of the crude escaping from the top of the well so when they say that as much as 40,000 to 60,000 barrels a day is coming out the pipe, less than 20,000 to 30,000 barrels is actually making it into the Gulf and then there are dozens of ships skimming it as it floats to the surface.

Fox News Channel showed some OLD video footage of the beaches after the 1979 spill but so far, I haven't been able to find the footage on YouTube or I would embed the video here... but here is the link to the Fox News website with the article and video footage.

See my other BP Oil Spill articles (links on left under Labels), including the one that details just HOW BADLY Obama's response was to the accident with him waiting nearly two months before accepting foreign help and he still hasn't mobilized the 2,000+ skimmers around America to come down here and help.


Lenny Vasbinder

P.S. - Yeah... I live down here in N'Awlins (that's New Orleans for you foreigners in other States... ;-)) so I care about our coastlines and beaches BUT this oil spill's toll on human life will be far more devastating than it will be on our ecology. I don't mean just the fisherman and people who make a living off our gulf coast region... I'm talking about the hundreds or thousands of Americans who will die from heat exhaustion or freezing to death in the coming months and years because Obama put a moratorium on drilling. His tree-hugger stance against all forms of energy other than what he calls "green energy", which will take 10-20 years to even find out if it's sustainable and by that time, America will be 100% reliant and dependent on energy from other countries. This means trillions of MORE dollars will have been spent outside of America. All the good paying jobs in the energy industry in America may be lost for decades to come... and then once again, all the people who will die horrible deaths due to the heat or cold and their inability to get fuel oil during the winter or cool down their homes during the summer due to the excessively high cost of energy... ALL BECAUSE OF OBAMA!!! Elections have consequences people!!!


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