Monday, August 16, 2010

Announcing "Lenny The Computer Guy - Computer Tutoring, Repair And Malware Cleaning Services"

This will be my new blog for all of my past and future computer related blogs since I'm starting my new business.
Here's a copy of my first Craigslist Ad for my services...

Do You Need Help With Your Computer Or Most Common Programs?

Introductory Pricing ONLY $30 for 2 hours or $50.00 for 4 hours.

Are you having trouble learning the basics or do you need help cleaning up your computer from spyware, viruses, etc?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your computer or computer problems? Is it running slow or causing you more problems than you like?

I can help you in your home or office, days, evenings, nights or weekends.... or we can meet at a free public wi-fi hotspot like the Jefferson Parish Public Library (W. Napoleon between Clearview and Transcontinental), a coffee shop, etc., if that would be more convenient for you.

I can help you with most Windows and Microsoft products as well as most other commonly used software, not only teaching you how to use it but installing it, updating it and getting it set up right on your computer.. If I don't know your particular software already, I'll still help you learn it and not charge you while we're both learning it!* I'm also good with Microsoft Accounting, Quicken, Outlook and there aren't many common programs I can't help you with.

Most folks like one-on-one help instead of attending a class or reading a book.

I can also teach you how to use the popular search engines so you get better search results.

I can help you get your computer set up and secured, downloading and setting up Microsoft security updates, internet security suites, firewalls, antivirus, antispyware, etc. (and teaching you how at the same time) As well as downloading and setting up all of the other commonly needed programs on a new or older computer. I can help you clean up old stuff off of your older computers and get them running faster and more secure for you. I can teach you how to organize your computer files, backup your computer, etc. If you need your internet service set up and secured, I can help you with that also.

Here's my computer related blogs if you want to read some of my articles that I've written over the past ten years, mainly to help other people in many of the computer help forums.  AND

As you'll see, my computer related blogs go back to 2005, which is when I started it. Prior to this, I had a GeoCities website but Yahoo shut down GeoCities so I've moved a lot of my content to my blogs now.

I can also teach you how to surf the internet more safely, teach you how to do internet searches and get more successful results, etc.

I can diagnose and fix some computer issues although I'm ot a certified computer repair technician. I have upgraded RAM on my computer, clean them on a regular basis to remove dust and dirt buildup from the inside, fans, etc., so your computer will run more efficiently and not be subjected to overheating issues which will then cause a computer to have many other problems, including shutting down, blue screen errors, etc.

I've been computer literate for more than a decade and have been helping friends and relatives and helping in online forums and Yahoo Groups for the past decade but I've never really done this as a business before but I'm suffering from an injury right now so I can't do my normal work so I thought I'd give this a try and see if I can help people and help myself at the same time. I've been doing it for free for so long, I don't know how much to charge so my rates will probably be low while I'm getting started building this new small business.

I'm thinking $30.00 for the first two hours or $50.00 for four hours... of in home/office help. After that, I can probably give you lower priced one on one help via phone, instant messaging or email (don't worry... I'll help you learn how to email and instant message also, if you don't already know how) or if you need follow-up in home/office help, I'll keep the initial rates the same, regardless to whether I go up on my rates later as I get more customers.

Send me an email or give me a call and let me see if I can help you out... while you help me grow my new business! I'll try to make this a win-win situation!

Also, if you are on a fixed income or you are having financial difficulties, I may be able to give you a discount or give you more of my time for my already low rates.

Lenny Vasbinder
Phone - 504-667-5111
Skype - LennyTheComputerGuy
Yahoo Msgr. - LennyTheComputerGuy
Email -

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  1. We need constant vigilance, including the regular cleaning of malware out of our computer every week. Internet is too important to let these malware programmers win!


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