Saturday, August 07, 2010

CCleaner - How I Use It To Manage My Cookies And Clean Some Crap Off My Computer

When you first download CCleaner from, in the default download mode, it will clean a LOT more than some folks might want.  The things it cleans may not cause folks any problems but could cause inconveniences if folks relied on the things that CCleaner cleaned in the dafult mode.

Here's how I have MY CCleaner set up.  You can follow the way I do it or use something more or less than what I am doing.  Just make sure you understand how cleaning that particular item will affect your computer and web browsing.

This first image shows how I've un-checked most of the items in the Windows Tab.
(Open images in a new tab or window to see them full size while reading this article)

This next image shows how I've un-checked most of the items in the Applications Tab

This next image shows how I clicked Options, then Cookies to show how I manage which Cookies I allow to stay on my computer.  The ones on the right are the ones I keep, the ones on the left are the ones that I'll review and possibly move one or more to the right and keep them, otherwise they will stay in the left column and be deleted when I run the Cleaner.

This next image shows how I just ran the Analyze button but haven't actually cleaned anything yet.  You can click on any of the items to see more details.

This next image shows the Cleaning is complete.

This next image shows where I've gone back to the Options > Cookies section to show the left column is now empty after the Cleaning was completed.

This next image, shows the Registry Section and I've already clicked the Scan For Issues button.

This next image shows how I've Cleaned the 10 Registry Issues that CCleaner found when it scanned my Registry.  Please note that I also use WinASO Registry Optimizer or the online scan from Windows Live OneCare to scan and fix registry entries. 

Well, that's how I use CCleaner on a Daily basis for Cleaning out my browser's temporary internet files, cookies and flash cookies.  If you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment below or you can go to the CCleaner Help section or their own forums.

I hope this helps!

Lenny Vasbinder


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