Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Orleans Saints - Superbowl XLIV Champions - 2010 Pre-Season Starts Tonight On Primetime!!!

Obviously, like everyone who grew up in N'Awlins (New Orleans)... and for most people who have ever spent much time here, the Saints are a BIG part of the sports and party culture of N'Awlins.  I'll add to this blog throughout the season but here's some starting reading for folks who may not know about Dem Saints... and the Who Dat Nation!!!

Official Saints website -

Saints' Wikipedia page -

Who Dat Nation official page - (check out the Saintsations' Calendar preview video at

Who Dat? Wikipedia page -

The game is on and the Saints just finished a 20 play, 86 yard scoring drive for their first of many touchdowns this season!

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints!!!

Kenny Chesney's "The Boys Of Fall" music video featuring Saints Head Coach Sean Payton -

OK... I guess that's enough for the first Saints blog of the 2010 season and that should keep you going till next week!!!

Lenny Vasbinder

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