Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is America Better Off Today Than It Was Two Years Ago???

While reading this article, "20 Questions for the Obama Regime", the last question prompted the title to this blog. Not withstanding the other 19 very important questions, answers and FACTS in the rest of the article, lets look at a few FACTS, in my own words!

Two years ago, unemployment was under 6% and was usually between 4% and 6% during President Bush's two terms... and since Obama took office, unemployment has hovered between 9.5% and 10%, even after Obama promised us it would not go over 8% if Congress passed Obama's Spendulus package, which has mostly failed... so we're not better off with unemployment.

Two years ago, the national debt was under $10 TRILLION and since Obama took office, his deficit spending of over a TRILLION dollars and nearly TWO TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR has raised the national debt to OVER $13 TRILLION... a 33% increase since Obama took office. (Side note: When the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, the national debt was a little over $8 TRILLION so it's up around 60% in only four years of Democrat control... with projections, if Obama and the Democrats stay in control, of OVER $20 TRILLION!!!)... so we're not better off with the deficits and national debt.

The Misery Index during eight years of President Bush averaged only 8.11% and under Obama, the Misery Index has averaged 9.88%, OVER a 20% increase. The Misery Index has been down in single digits from 1993 until Obama took office and has been in double digits the past nine months... so we're not better off with the Misery Index.

Since 9/11, there were NO terrorist attacks on American soil but since Obama has taken over and started babying the terrorists... or rather "man caused disasters" as he and his administration started calling terrorist attacks, there have been MANY terrorist attacks on American soil, fortunately a couple of them have failed due to the DUMB-ASSED terrorists but if they had succeeded, there would have been dozens, if not hundreds of Americans killed in those failed attacks. The ones that have succeeded resulted in dozens of American deaths on American soil... so we're not better off with terrorist attacks IN America!!!

I could go on and on but I think you get the point!


Lenny Vasbinder


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