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Some Computer Security Programs That I Use And Recommend

Updated - August 08, 2010 - a-Squared Free changed to a-Squared Anti-Malware
Updated - August 04, 2010 - Added info about since I forgot that info initially.

So... I just replied to a "Help" request in one of the Computer Tech forums that I participate in and decided to give them a long reply with lots of details about the computer security programs that I use and recommend. This isn't everything I use since I don't want to alert the cyber-criminals about some of my other defenses but this is a good list that most beginners should be able to use and utilize.

Here is a snip of my long reply...

BTW, there is no need to spend a single penny on security programs. ALL of the *good* companies make their programs available to home users at no charge, either by a fully or mostly functioning download or as an online scan.

I use and recommend:

Comodo Internet Security as a FREE and fully functioning security suite that has a professional featured, award winning firewall, good antivirus with real-time and scheduled scanner and good real-time antimalware protection.

NO SINGLE PROGRAM IS 100% EFFECTIVE. While Comodo Internet Security will keep most computer users malware free, for folks that do not practice safe surfing habits, it's a VERY GOOD idea to have multiple backup programs to also scan for things that CIS might miss from time to time. Here are the other programs that I use from time to time.... or all the time for a couple of them.

Also, remember that ALL programs will report false positives from time to time so check things out before deleting files if you are not sure of what you are about to delete.  For those instances, I use Virus Total which will allow you to upload the suspicious file and then scan it against ALL of the major security programs to see if more than just your scan is showing it as an infected file. If only one or two show it to be infected, it could be a false positive and you should check it out with the security program's help section, tech support, online forums, etc., to see what they say... before deleting the file.  If you find it to be a false positive, make sure you report this to the security program's tech support people so they can keep others from having a problem.... otherwise, someone might delete a file that causes their computer or one of their programs to no longer work.  While s-Squared is one of the best free scanners available to us, it's also the most likely to find false positives... at least that's been my experience when using a-Squared Anti-Malware.

MalwareBytes as a backup scanner for when needed or folks that surf the net wildly, they can do weekly scans just to make sure that their main security didn't miss anything.

SuperAntiSpyware as another backup scanner for when needed as above.

a-Squared Free, now called a-Squared Anti-Malware, which can be a paid for full-time scanner or the FREE scanner which does not provide full-time scanning but can still be used as one of the backup scanners, which is what I suggest -   Obviously, feel free to pay for the full-time scanner but if you run Comodo Internet Security or other full-time antivirus/antimalware scanning, it's not good to run others full-time since they can cause conflicts and slow down your computer.

SpywareBlaster - This doesn't do any scanning or use any system resources. You simply download the updated definitions on a weekly basis and enable them to protect your computer from LOTS of malicious websites, adding them to your Hosts file and registry... and it also block LOTS of malicious drive-by software.

Spybot Search & Destroy - I really only use the Immunization feature on this program although it does have a scanner as well. The Immunization feature will build a nice Hosts file to supplement the one with SpywareBlaster. I do use the scanner from time to time to look for Flash Cookies that CCleaner might miss.  I DO NOT recommend using the Tea-Timer real-time scanner from Spybot as it seems to cause more problems than it fixes.

I haven't used this but I have read lots of good reviews about Microsoft Security Essentials, but I think Comodo is TEN TIMES better, especially as far as the firewall, since MSE only uses the standard Windows Firewall which I find to be NOT very good. You can get MSE for FREE and also use the FREE online scan from Microsoft, called Windows Live OneCare. - When using the Windows Live OneCare Scanner, RUN the FULL SCAN once a month and it will check your system online for virus/malware and also do a cleanup and tune-up of your computer, repair your registry and also defrag your hard drive.

There are many other online scanners from nearly ALL of the other computer security software makers so I will not go through that list. The above should be all that most folks need.

I hope this helps... and if you need any help with the above programs, feel free to leave me a comment below and I'll post a reply... or you can hunt me down in one of the many forums I'm in or go to your own favorite computer tech forum. Most of the above programs have their own respective specialty forums listed on the main website as well.

Lenny Vasbinder


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