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My Email To Bill O'Reilly About His "Tonight Show" Appearance And His Comment About "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" And Letting Gays Openly Serve In The Military

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I know it's easy for lots of folks to say that gays should be able to openly serve in the military... and they can serve, but not "openly" under the "Don't ask, don't tell" (DADT) rule... BUT many of these same folks that are in favor of gays serving openly haven't put much thought into what to do about housing these openly gay men and women.

Right now, the sexes are segregated for living quarters while in boot camp, aboard ships, when serving in various bases around America and the world, etc. All men sleep in one barracks, tent, housing unit, etc... and all women sleep in separate housing. The housing usually has open showers and changing areas for lower cost. The reason for the segregation of the sexes is to limit the chances for sexual fraternization between service members since it's against the rules anyhow.

So... How would we house openly gay people? We can't knowingly put gay men in with the straight men as that would be like putting a man in the women's barracks or a woman in the man's barracks and since the gay person could/would be sexually attracted to all of the straight people in their barracks... even more so if there are multiple gay men/women in the same barracks, it would easily lead to sexual fraternization situations. We can't put all of the gay men together since they could/would be sexually attracted to each other. We can't put all of the gay women together since they could/would be sexually attracted to each other.

The only solution would be to give each gay service member their own separate living quarters with their own bed and bathroom... BUT would that be fair to all of the straight service members who would have to live in community housing (barracks, tents, etc.)???

OR... are you thinking that each service member should have their own sleeping, changing, bathing quarters?

Let me know your thoughts... even better if you discuss this on the air! ;-)

Leonard "Lenny" Vasbinder
(address and phone omitted here but included in email to Bill O'Reilly since he requires it)

A Military Brat in a Military Family and having read and debated this issue many, many times with friends and family.,15240,167950,00.html?  (and other articles on


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