Monday, May 24, 2010

First There Was Barack's Bullshit Bingo, Now There Is The Bullshit Protector!!!

First you read about Barack's Bullshit Bingo. Now, you are *hearing* about the Bullshit Protector. Here is the email political joke that was just sent to me...This man, 73, is wearing a protective flap over his ear while Senator Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I wish I could shake this man's hand. I just want to know where he got it....?

I'm pretty sure this protection will work when forced to listen to any politician spewing their BULLSHIT!!!
To be fair and balanced, I did some research on this Bullshit Protector and found out that this veteran actually was wearing it while listening to President George W. Bush during a speech in 2005 but since President Bush was kind of in his RINO stage in 2005, I probably agree with this veteran's sentiments. Here is Snopes' take on the issue.

Lenny Vasbinder


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