Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama Tries To Blame President Bush AGAIN!!!!!

OMG... when will he start accepting responsibility for anything? What happened to leaders who say "The buck stops here!!!"? How can he say in one sentence that, "... for the past decade, the oil industry and MMS have been too cozy..." and in another sentence say that, "... Congress passed laws that gave MMS only 30 days to review environment studies... so the MMS would give them environmental waivers since MMS could not do the study in 30 days" and then try to blame President Bush's administration for the BP oil accident??? Doesn't he remember being a Senator in "Congress" since 2004 and doesn't he remember that the liberal-socialist democrats have controlled fully controlled ALL of Congress since 2006??? Basically, he admitted that the commie-lib Congress was also too busy getting rich off of oil company contributions... with Obama being one of the biggest recipients... and further admit that Congress writes the rules for the MMS and then still try to blame it on President Bush???

Only one thing to say about Obama... YOU'RE A BIG F-ING LIAR!!!!!

I'm sure, after he and his fellow liberal-socialist-progressive democrats drive our once great country into bankruptcy, he'll try to blame that on President Bush as well. What a P.O.S.!!!

Note - see yesterday's blog about how Obama will now be responsible for KILLING HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS because of his energy and environmental policies!!!

Obama is going to BURN IN HELL for the lies he is telling and the things he is doing!!! That's why I added the below YouTube videos!!!

Edit - Finally after pressure from reporters, Obama took responsibility for something done by him, his administration and his liberal-socialist-progressive Congress... but we all know he's still an f-ing liar about everything else!!!

Lenny Vasbinder


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