Tuesday, May 25, 2010

STOP The New Federal Biometric ID Mandate

Using the Tea Party PAC Citizen Action Center
http://teapartycac.com/index.php, then using the link near the top of the
middle of that page for MORE info on sending your politicians a letter, I
sent the following email to ALL of my elected windbags...

-----Original Message-----
From: donotreply@votervoice.net
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 1:40 PM
To: Leonard Vasbinder
Subject: Confirmation of: STOP The New Federal Biometric ID Mandate

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Leonard Vasbinder:

Your message has been sent to the following recipients:

* President Barack Obama
* Vice President Joe Biden
* Senator Mary Landrieu
* Senator David Vitter
* Representative Steve Scalise
* Governor Bobby Jindal
* Secretary of State Jay Dardenne
* Attorney General Buddy Caldwell
* Senator Conrad Appel
* Representative Kirk Talbot

The content of your message is as follows:

Dear [The message(s) you sent had each recipient's name here]:

Terrorism. Illegal immigration. Identity theft. Drugs. Fraud.

Call me cynical, but whenever I hear anti-gun politicians talk about these
issues nowadays, I've come to expect a new thinly-veiled assault on our
Second Amendment freedoms.

Either they want to ban our guns, track our guns... Or track us.

Well, after years of watching our illegal immigration problem grow steadily
worse -- and watching our elected officials refuse to lift a finger in
response -- the politicians' "fix" is finally in.

It's a new Federal Biometric ID card.

That's right. Instead of controlling our borders, the politicians want to
control you and me. They want to give amnesty to illegal immigrants and make
us prove we're not criminals!

And President Barack Obama (D-SOCIALIST-IL), Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) and
Chuck Schumer (D-PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL-NY) are all working hand in glove to
ram this new scheme into law as part of their new "comprehensive immigration
reform" package.

PLEASE GO HERE http://www.nagr.org/BIDpetition1.aspx?pid=1 AND SIGN THIS

To my U.S. Congressman and Senators:

Whereas: Senators Lindsey Graham's and Chuck Schumer's illegal
immigrant amnesty proposal backed by President Obama includes provisions
requiring all American citizens to obtain a Federal Biometric ID card in
order to work in the United States legally; and

Whereas: This card could include untold amounts of personal
information (like gun ownership) and biometric tracking technology that
would allow government bureaucrats to track our every move: and,

Whereas: ID's are required to purchase firearms, the new Federal
Biometric ID mandate will almost certainly be used to create a national gun
registry; and,

Whereas: A Federal Biometric ID puts all liberty activists in danger
of politically-motivated airplane and other travel restrictions and
increases the likelihood of American citizens' personal information falling
into the wrong hands;

Therefore: I urge you oppose any legislation that includes provisions
for a new mandated Biometric ID card for American citizens.


Leonard Vasbinder

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