Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stop Cap and Tax!

Using the Tea Party PAC Citizen Action Center
http://teapartycac.com/index.php, then using the link near the top of the
middle of that page for MORE info on sending your politicians a letter, I
sent the following email to ALL of my elected windbags...

I hope you'll do that same!!!

Lenny Vasbinder

-----Original Message-----
From: donotreply@votervoice.net
Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2010 1:03 PM
To: Leonard Vasbinder
Subject: Confirmation of: Stop Cap and Tax!

***Please do not reply to this email--this confirmation simply lets you know
that your message was sent.***

Leonard Vasbinder:

Your message has been sent to the following recipients:

* President Barack Obama
* Vice President Joe Biden
* Senator Mary Landrieu
* Senator David Vitter
* Representative Steve Scalise
* Governor Bobby Jindal
* Secretary of State Jay Dardenne
* Attorney General Buddy Caldwell
* Senator Conrad Appel
* Representative Kirk Talbot

The content of your message is as follows:

Dear [The message(s) you sent had each recipient's name here]:

"Stop Cap and Tax!"
Petition to the U.S. Senate

Whereas: Passage of the so-called Cap and Trade Bill would increase taxes
by $650 BILLION per year, virtually guaranteeing that our economy gets even
worse and NEVER recovers; and

Whereas: The resulting toll on our economy has been estimated at more than
one million lost jobs; and

Whereas: The result will be more government interference in business, and
more power to decide which businesses get favorable treatment; and

Whereas: This bill is yet another forcible taking of our personal freedom
by allowing for home inspections and monitoring of private citizens; and

Whereas: Passage of so-called Cap and Trade would give the federal
government unprecedented control over our lives;

Therefore: I urge you to vote against HR 2454, the so-called Cap and Trade
bill, or any other Cap and Tax legislation, at every opportunity, including
voting to maintain a filibuster.

As one of my elected officials, I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO sign the petition at:



Leonard Vasbinder


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